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DESCRIPTION OF ROLLING BALL A NEWLY DEVELOPED PRODUCT. Transparent rolling ball can be played on ground or water, it had once shown in Jackie Chen’s movie and now is one of the most popular recreation items. Visitors standing inside the double-layer ball, experiencing swift rolling up and down. Material:imported cold-resistant TPU Size:2.5M up Accessories:blower Special Feature: 1. suitable for ground and water usage, easy to operate, durable. 2. serves as personal, family or group contest. 3. good advertising outcome on envelope. Location: Beach, swimming pool, playground, meadow, ground, villa. Method: 1. Select a flat ground or meadow with slide slope. 2. Inflate the ball with air. 3. Visitor goes inside the ball and lie down. 4. Hold the handle with both hands, fasten ankle belt. 5. rolling forward gradually with pushing by assistant. Age Limit: From 3~70 years old, physically healthy ones. Restriction: High blood pressure, anemia and pregnant women are not allowed.

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